Figure Drawing For Beginners
Essential First Steps to a Successful Figure Drawing

Introduction to Figure Drawing E-Book

Tired of vague figure drawing tips and tricks?

The Figure Drawing for Beginners E-Book is a step by step introduction to figure drawing, designed to transform the way you view and draw the figure.

Let's be honest: figure drawing is challenging. However, it becomes much easier and more enjoyable when you know what to look for and where to begin. In this introduction to figure drawing you will familiarize yourself with the figure, and learn a succinct and effective series of steps with which to begin your drawings. 

Instead of feeling unsure (or even frozen) before picking up your pencil, you can learn to confidently determine a clear starting point when observing the figure.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and inundated with the information in front of you, you can be inspired by the complexity of the figure, knowing that you have the necessary tools and skills to simplify and draw what you see, and ultimately communicate your inspiration through your drawing.

How will you gain confidence in your figure drawing? By learning ...

  • how to identify and draw the defining elements of a pose

  • how to focus on specific information in a particular sequence so that your drawing progresses most efficiently and effectively

  • which questions to ask to guide yourself through a successful figure drawing

  • a flexible sequence of steps with which to begin any figure drawing

  • how to establish a blueprint or gesture that is accurate yet flexible enough to allow you to develop your figure drawing in any way you choose (whether you're looking to improve your quick sketches, create a highly rendered drawing, or illustration)

  • how to observe the figure in new ways and notice that which you previously had not

  • how to problem solve your way through the beginning of any figure drawing

This e-book is the first in a series of Figure Drawing E-Books. Throughout the series you will learn to confidently sketch, construct and eventually shade the figure convincingly.

While teaching the courses that became the basis for this series of e-books, I witnessed beginner students drastically improve their drawings and understanding of the figure in as few as three lessons. Students who had not drawn in ten to fifteen years rekindled and improved upon their skills, and all came away with new perspectives on figure drawing.

I sincerely hope that you have just as much success (or more!) learning from this e-book. Happy drawing!

This e-book is  C O M I N G  S O O N!

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