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Welcome to The Drawing Source, an instructional website dedicated to helping you learn to express yourself visually through drawing! On this site you will find step by step drawing tutorials, exercises, lectures and inspiration.

I'm Marina Fridman, and I've had the pleasure and good fortune of drawing since before I can remember. My artwork is now exhibited and collected across the US and Canada, and I am thrilled to be a two-time recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant. 

Most importantly, I am passionate about making representational drawing education accessible to anyone wishing to learn how to draw!

Marina FridmanUntitled, charcoal drawing by Marina Fridman

Beginning The Drawing Source

When I decided to become a visual artist, I craved an education that would immerse me in classical drawing and painting. My pursuit led me to study in three cities in two countries, attend three universities, three private art schools, and countless workshops and classes, all within five years.

And that was just been the beginning! At every stage of my education it has been thrilling to become aware of how much I have yet to learn, and how much there is to discover in the infinitely vast realm of drawing. I feel fortunate to have been able to pursue the education that I desired, and hope to make drawing education more accessible to those for whom it may be difficult to find, but who love drawing as much as I do.

Becoming fluent in the visual language of drawing is a life-long process. I would like to share with you what I have learned so far in my journey, and hopefully encourage you in yours.

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Comments from Readers

"I have looked at many, many drawing websites; and I've watched many, many YouTube videos. Many of them help me understand the drawing process little by little.  Yesterday, I noticed your website for the first time -- it's excellent and inspiring!  Your examples and your step by step process are the best I've seen.  Your writing style is very conversational and clear to the point -- as if you are right next to me! I also greatly appreciated your free e-book!"

-Archy G, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together and making available such in-depth and such a large amount of information for us who are not able to make it to an atelier regularly."

-Sandra, US

"Pure joy in reading the tutorials. I keep visiting to read them again and again."

-Vassilis, UK

"I found your site on Facebook. I read through the site and it is incredible! I would love to study in an atelier, but am not in distance of one. This site is better than the 'how to' books I own! Thank you!!"

-Robin, US

Marina Fridman drawingLiving Room, charcoal drawing by Marina Fridman
Drawing by Marina FridmanBathroom, charcoal drawing by Marina Fridman
Untitled Figure Drawing by Marina Fridman

Thank you so much for visiting The Drawing Source! I am thrilled to share with you and hopefully encourage you in your artistic endeavors. To view more of my drawings, please visit MarinaFridmanDrawings.com.

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