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How to Draw a Value Scale

Your ability to see and draw changes in value will determine how convincingly you can create form, depth, space and atmosphere in your drawings. Learning how to draw a value scale is one of the best ways to become familiar with and draw these value changes!

How to Sharpen a Drawing Pencil

In this detailed video tutorial, learn how to sharpen a drawing pencil the traditional way. Create the most efficient and effective drawing tool to improve both your drawing process, and your final drawing!

How to Draw a Sphere

You come across spherical shapes everywhere, whether you are drawing a still life, figure, portrait or landscape. Learning how to draw this basic shape teaches you much of what you need to know to draw just about everything else!

How to Begin a Portrait Drawing

In this tutorial, learn about techniques for placing the features of the face accurately, drawing concepts such as negative shapes, rhythms to help you draw a precise yet organic-looking portrait, and much more!

How to Shade a Portrait Drawing

On this second page of the tutorial, I pick up where I left off with my completed block-in and begin applying tone to my drawing. Learn how to begin shading the portrait, how to analyze and simplify values, how to render in an order that is most efficient, and more!

How to Draw Realistic Hair

How you draw hair can vary quite a bit from hairstyle to hairstyle, requiring you to be flexible in your approach. Here you will learn how to simplify such a complicated subject as hair, how to draw hair that actually looks like your model's without obsessing over every detail, and the key to drawing realistic and dimensional locks.

How to Block in a Cast Drawing

Cast drawing teaches you much of what you need to know to successfully draw the figure. It wonderfully bridges still life and figure drawing, and it can be a less intimidating way to study the figure by removing a few of the challenges of working with a model. 

Blocking in a Figure Drawing

Learn to block in the figure with this first page of the figure drawing tutorial.

This page discusses: how to start your figure drawing, using the head as a unit of measurement, drawing the gesture of the pose, relating interior forms to the contour, and various other tips and techniques for drawing the figure.

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