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Realistic drawing can be a creative means of communication, self-exploration, and self-expression ...

Or a struggle just to determine why the left eye of your portrait drawing looks so awkward!

Of course you want to create believable, realistic drawings with ease, enjoyment, confidence, and pride.

Through step by step drawing tutorials, articles, video courses, and coaching, I demystify realistic drawing so that you can do just that.


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About Marina

Hi there! My name is Marina Fridman. I'm an award-winning visual artist, educator and author of The Drawing Source. Most importantly, I’m passionate about making representational drawing education accessible to anyone wishing to learn to draw.

In my own creative practice these days, I create drawing installations: large-scale drawings that transform a space, such as the one below.

Outer space drawing in charcoal with text overlay “Hand-drawn installation by Marina Fridman.” A hand creating a realistic drawing of earth with text “Earth drawing by Marina Fridman.”

This artwork, titled Omniscient Body, is entirely hand-drawn (yes, even the dark background) and invites viewers to be enveloped in outer space, to approach the celestial body of Mars at their own scale, to be towered over by one of the rings of Saturn, and to look up at planet Earth and the Moon as though from a great distance. You can read more about this artwork (and view a few timelapse videos) on this page.

My Work has been Featured In:

I certainly wasn’t born with drawing abilities, and you don’t have to have been either to draw successfully!

To become fluent in the visual language of drawing, you will focus on three areas: learning to see, obtaining essential drawing knowledge, and acquiring the drawing skills to translate what you see onto paper. Start developing all three by taking my free Mini-Course.

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