Free Online Drawing Course:
The 6 Stages of a Realistic Drawing

Free Online Drawing Course

About this free online drawing course:

Did you know that there are stages that every drawing must evolve through to look convincingly realistic?

In all of the tutorials on this site, the drawings progress through 6 distinct phases, no matter what subject matter is being depicted.

Each phase presents unique challenges, and requires a certain ‘mode of seeing’, area of knowledge and set of skills.

Knowing what stage of drawing you're in helps you:

  • move through the drawing process more easily and efficiently
  • determine what to do next when you are stuck, acting as a guide that you can reference, and
  • problem solve when your drawing is looking ‘off’, acting as a checklist to determine what step you have missed

Best of all, you can apply these stages to any drawing or subject matter!

This means that if you have the knowledge and skills associated with each drawing stage, you will be able to draw anything! (Isn’t that great?!)

I have created the free '6 Stages of a Realistic Drawing' Mini-Course to introduce you to these crucial phases, guide you through the main priorities associated with each stage, and demystify the path to creating a stunning, realistic drawing.

Furthermore, these stages illuminate the order in which I suggest that you learn how to draw!

A common question I receive is, "What skills and concepts do I need to know to create a realistic drawing, and in what order should I learn and practice them?"

Because each drawing stage builds on the previous ones, I suggest that you study the skills and concepts associated with each stage in the order that they are presented in Lesson 1.

Start  Lesson 1 of the Mini-Course today!

What You Will Learn in this Free Online Drawing Course:

  • the 6 essential stages of a realistic drawing
  • what concepts to learn and skills to develop to work through the stages successfully
  • the most efficient way to start a drawing
  • how to create a drawing that actually resembles your subject
  •  how to measure and draw more accurate proportions
  • how to create depth and dimension using only line
  • the difference between a beginner and an advanced drawing
  • how to start shading a drawing
  • one of the most common shading mistakes and how to avoid it
  • how to establish the value structure of your drawing (No idea what that is? Don't worry, you'll find out!)
  • edges: what they are and how to use them to create depth and dimension in your drawings
  • 4 shading techniques to create a variety of edges in your drawings
  • how to determine when your drawing is finished
  • the difference between a 'finished' and a 'resolved' drawing

As you can see, we have a lot to cover!

Enter your name and email address below, and let's get started!

Looking forward to your 'aha' moments and drawing victories!

Your drawing prof,

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