3 Tips for Shading Light Values

Light-handedness, or the ability to draw and shade light values, is an essential skill that we use throughout the entire drawing process. It can also be one of the more challenging skills to develop! In the video below, I present three tips for shading light values, and developing light-handedness.

*Make sure to change the video settings to 1080p for the best viewing experience!

Continue developing your smooth shading skills in: Intro to Smooth Shading in Graphite!
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What you will learn in Intro to Smooth Shading in Graphite:

  • learn and practice smooth shading techniques
  • develop dexterity with your pencil so that you can shade subtle values
  • get to know the graphite pencil grades so that you can intuitively reach for the right one for your drawing scenario
  • learn to draw a value scale and smooth gradations
  • learn what causes 'scratchy,' uneven values and how to fix them!
  • discover the elements of light and shadow on form
  • learn the keys to realistic shading
  • learn how to simplify, analyze and organize values (and why this is so essential to the realism and believability of your drawings)
  • discover new blending tools (characteristics, misconceptions, and best practices)
  • create believable depth and dimension with 'edges'
  • develop your own unique shading project by the end of the course!

Access Intro to Smooth Shading in the Drawing Decoded Membership!