How to Draw Eyelashes
Step by Step Video Tutorial

Learn how to draw eyelashes in this 2-part video series!

Eyelashes can be an important finishing touch on an eye drawing, and are so much fun to draw – if you know what you’re doing! Let’s make that sure you do, in this eyelash drawing tutorial.

We'll cover 3 key points to know about eyelashes to draw them convincingly, and I'll show you the step by step drawing process.

If you haven’t watched Part 1 of this series - 8 Tips for Drawing Realistic Eyelashes - definitely do so before or after this one. These two videos are meant to be watched together for the best results in your eye drawings.

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Supplies Used in the Drawing Demonstration:

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For years, my go-to graphite pencils have been Staedtler Mars Lumograph Graphite Pencils, which are the blue ones in the video. In this drawing I also experimented with Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black pencils. They haven’t become a staple in my drawing practice, but they did help me achieve some of the darkest values in this drawing, while avoiding the glare or shine that dark values drawn using pure graphite usually produce.

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How to Draw Eyelashes: Step by Step Tutorial

Let’s start with 3 elements you should know about eyelashes to draw them convincingly, before diving into the tutorial.

3 Keys to Know About Eyelashes
to Draw them Convincingly

1) Placement:

First, let’s make sure you’re drawing eyelashes in the right place!

As I mention in Part 1 of my Most Common Eye Drawing Mistakes video series:

The eyelids have a thickness. This gives each eyelid two planes that we must notice and draw.

The upper eyelid has a front plane and a bottom plane. The lower eyelid has a front plane and a top plane.

Eyelashes grow out of the angle change between the two planes of each eyelid.

Where is that angle change?

Looking at the upper eyelid first, notice three lines:

  • the top of the upper eyelid, 
  • the middle line separating the front plane from the bottom plane, and 
  • the third line, where the bottom plane contacts the eyeball.

Eyelashes grow out of the middle line – that is where the angle change is between the two planes.

It’s similar on the lower eyelid. From a front view, when we can see both planes, the lower eyelid will also have up to three lines for us to notice and draw.


  • The top line indicates where the eyelid contacts the eyeball. 
  • The middle line separates the top plane from the front plane, and 
  • The third line closes off the front plane. On the lower eyelid, often this line will fade out.

Again, the eyelashes grow out of the middle line separating the top plane from the bottom plane.

Returning to this image for a moment, if we zoom in, you’ll see that the eyelashes don’t grow in a perfectly neat line along the angle changes. Especially on the upper eyelid, where eyelashes are usually thicker, there can be several layers of them. This all depends on the individual.

Now, even though it helps to know that the eyelashes grow out of the middle line, we often still need to look really closely to find it, because it will often be subtle or obscured. This is partly due to the Structure of the eyelashes:

2) Structure

Notice that upper eyelashes usually curve up slightly, and lower eyelashes curve down slightly, though this will vary depending on the individual. Some people might have straighter eyelashes, and others have much more curving eyelashes. Makeup can also greatly influence this.