Drawing Supplies

Learning about drawing supplies is the first step to a successful drawing!

Have you ever watched someone draw, and been amazed by the finesse of every mark that they made on their paper?

In a single pencil stroke their line would change from thick to thin, and from dark to light, and every mark was made thoughtfully and purposefully.

This ability to draw accurately, and with a polish that makes the process look smooth and elegant is what every draftsperson strives for.

To achieve this, it's essential for us to become so familiar and comfortable with our drawing materials, that they feel like an extension of our arm instead of drawing tools that we use.

(Seriously. It should feel strange when we aren't holding a pencil or drawing tool!)

Learning about your drawing tools and how to prepare them will make the drawing process much easier, and more enjoyable.

While we have a myriad of drawing materials available to us, my goal on these pages is not to overwhelm you by explaining all the possible tools that you can use.

Instead, I will introduce you mainly to the supplies...

that I use throughout this website

that you need to follow the tutorials on this site

and that I generally recommend for successful drawing!

Despite the enormous selection of drawing tools available to you, you don't need many. Really, all you need to draw is a pencil and paper. Let's add a few things to that list, but keep it simple!

Select the drawing supplies you wish to learn about:

Drawing Pencils

Drawing pencils are a great place to begin your exploration of drawing materials. Explore the pencils I use throughout this website, and others that you may want to experiment with! 

Learn how to choose the appropriate pencil for your drawing.

How to Sharpen a Drawing Pencil

In this detailed video tutorial, learn how to sharpen a drawing pencil the traditional way.

Create the most efficient and effective drawing tool to improve both your drawing process, and your final drawing!

Guide to Drawing Paper

Learn how to choose a drawing paper best suited to your drawing! Every drawing pencil interacts differently with every drawing paper. 

Learn how to match up these drawing materials to get the effects that you want in your drawing.

How to Make Toned Paper

Toned paper simply refers to paper that has a value other than white. Learn how to make it from scratch using various methods and materials!

Drawing Tools

In this article you will find a list of drawing tools to make the drawing process more efficient and effective. 

Some of these tools are essential, while others are optional and a matter of personal preference.

How to Protect and Store Charcoal Drawings

You've just finished your latest, sensational charcoal drawing.

Now what? How do you store your masterpiece safely?

Find out what I recommend in this article!

3 Ways to Use a Kneaded Eraser

In realistic drawing, your kneaded eraser is almost as important a tool as your pencil. Discover 3 factors that set it apart from a regular eraser, and 3 kneaded eraser techniques to use in your next drawing!

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