5 Portrait Drawing Critiques
from the Drawing Critique Archive

One of the most challenging aspects of realistic drawing is having to problem-solving every unique drawing scenario.

No two scenarios are alike, which means that we need to be flexible in our approach!

That's where a personalized critique can be incredibly helpful. It provides a fresh perspective, identifying aspects we may have overlooked in our subject, and suggesting tailored solutions and techniques for our specific case.

However, observing critiques of other students' drawings can also be a fantastic way to discover effective strategies for approaching different drawing scenarios.

That's why I'm putting together 5 videos for you, all excerpts from portrait drawing critiques within the Drawing Critique Archive: a curated collection of 16 critiques that delve into the intricacies of various topics, including portrait drawing, shading, still life, and perspective drawing.

You can access the full Drawing Critique Archive here.

Enjoy the critiques below!

Critique 1) Eye drawing critique and digital drawing demonstration

Critique 2) Constructing and drawing convincing lips

Critique 3) Anatomy & Construction of the Nose

Critique 4) Drawing more convincing ears

Critique 5) Cartoon-like to realistic portrait drawings

The videos in the Drawing Critique Archive feature detailed drawing demonstrations and provide insightful feedback, delivering expert guidance specifically geared towards the most challenging aspect of realistic drawing: problem-solving for each unique drawing scenario!

Whether you're a beginner seeking to establish a solid foundation or a more experienced draftsperson aiming to refine your technique, the Drawing Critique Archive offers an abundance of knowledge and inspiration to support your drawing journey.

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