A Drawing Party Trick for the Holidays

I rarely talk about ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’ when it comes to drawing (because, frankly, there aren’t many), so today’s drawing party trick is a rare occasion.

What’s the trick?

How to draw a braid in 20 seconds.

A *braid*! Pretty complex subject matter, right? Check it out in the video below:

Okay, it’s just a line drawing of a braid, but still!

Now, would I actually use this 'party trick' method to draw the braid below from this braid drawing tutorial?

How to draw a realistic braid tutorial

No, probably not, simply because this method doesn't encourage close observation of the subject and results in a fairly generic-looking braid.

But, maybe it will come in handy at your next holiday party!

(Or save you in an awkward conversation - 'Hey, I bet I can teach you how to draw a braid in 20 seconds!')

Happy Holidays!

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