The Elements of Realistic Drawing
Free E-Book

Since beginning The Drawing Source I have often been asked what makes a drawing look realistic or believable. This is such a great question, and one that I couldn't answer in just a page or two! My reply turned into this e-book, which I wrote to clarify five crucial elements that determine the realism and believability of your drawing. 

In this e-book you will learn:

five elements crucial to the realism of your drawing (whether you are drawing an object, model, landscape, anything!)

how to achieve a likeness of whatever you are drawing

techniques of "efficient looking" to see specifically what you are looking for on your subject instead of becoming lost in the overwhelming detail

techniques to simplify the complicated information in any drawing scenario

how to draw convincing, three-dimensional forms

how to create the illusion of depth and atmosphere

how to create a focal point in your drawing

I have also included ...

how to prioritize and streamline your drawing process
(which can be frustrating and overwhelming when you're not sure what is most important to pay attention to)

10 common mistakes that detract from the realism of your drawing

a checklist to use when your drawing is not looking as convincing as you would like (this should help identify which of the elements essential to realism you are missing and should return to)

This e-book is, of course, not all there is to drawing! It is also not a how-to book that will take you through every step of your drawing (although you will get many practical tips and techniques to apply immediately).

The purpose of this e-book is to address the five elements that any drawing of any subject requires in order to be recognizable, believable and realistic.

I hope that it will help you achieve the effects that you want in your drawing, and create believable illusions with pencil on paper!

Sorry, this e-book is no longer available, but you can take my free Mini-Course here instead!

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