100 Self Portrait Drawings
from 1484 to Today

Albrecht Durer. Self-portrait at 13. 1484.

It is said that everything we draw or paint is a self-portrait. Yet it can be particularly fascinating to see how an artist depicts his or her own form.

When I began this page I meant to select ten, at most twenty self-portrait drawings. I planned to divide the drawings into contemporary self portraits, and those drawn by the Old Masters.

As I found the twenty drawings, put them in order of their creation and looked for patterns, my interest quickly turned into obsession. They were so vastly different in mood, character, purpose and technique. Furthermore, it was fascinating to view how self-portraiture has changed over time.

The page quickly grew from twenty to fifty, to seventy-five, to over one hundred self portrait drawings (and the occasional print or grayscale painting) that I am very  excited to present to you! 

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100 Self Portrait Drawings

Albrecht Durer. 1491.
Albrecht Durer. Self portrait with bandage. 1492.
Raphael. 1499.
Fra Bartolomeo. 1512.

Hans Holbein the Elder. 1516.
Pontormo. Self portrait drawing. 1525.
Sofonisba Anguissola.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo. 1575.
Annibale Carracci. Presumed self portrait. 1590.

Annibale Carracci. 1604.
Anthony van Dyck. 1630.
Nicola Poussin. 1630
Rembrandt van Rijn. 1630.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini. 1635.

Rembrandt van Rijn. Self portrait with Saskia. 1636.
Rosalba Carriera. 1646.
Rembrandt van Rijn. 1648. Self portrait drawing at a window.
Elisabetta Sirani. 1660.
Anton Raphael Mengs. Self portrait at 12 years. 1740.

Katharina Kaufmann. 1741.
Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun. 1775.
Henry Fuseli (Johann Heinrich Fussli).
Henry Fuseli. Self portrait drawing. 1777.
Adelaide Labille Guiard. 1785.

Francisco Goya. 1797.
John Constable. 1806.
Caspar David Friedrich. 1810.
Louis-Leopold Boilly. 1823.
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. 1827.

Adolph Menzel. 1837.
Anna Marie Ellenrieder. Circa 1842.
Hokusai self portrait. 1842.
Leon Augustin L'Hermitte.
Jean Francois Millet. 1846.

Ford Madox Brown. Self portrait at 29. 1850.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1855.
Edgar Degas. 1855.
Henri Fantin Latour. 1855.
Edgar Degas. 1857.
Simeon Solomon. 1859.
Henri Fantin Latour.
Henri Fantin Latour. 1860.
Gustave Courbet. 1862.
Marie Bracquemond. Circa 1865.
Gustave Moreau. 1872.
Isaac Levitan. 1880.
John Everett Millais. 1882.
Georges Seurat. 1883.
Valentin Serov.
Valentin Serov. 1883.
Louise Breslau. Pastel on paper.
Van Gogh. Self portrait drawings. 1887.
Camille Pissarro. 1890.
Anders Zorn. Self portrait with wife Emma. 1891.
Kathe Kollwitz. 1892.
Kathe Kollwitz. 1893.
Edvard Munch. 1895.
Giovanni Segantini. 1895.
James Ensor. Self portrait in clown costume. 1895.
Ellen Thesleff. 1899.
Gustav Klimt. Circa 1900. (Presumed self-portrait drawing.)
Edward Hopper. 1900.
Edward Hopper. 1900
Pablo Picasso. 1900.
Everett Shinn. 1901.
Anders Zorn. 1904.
Mikhail Vrubel. 1904.
Antonio Mancini. 1906.
Minerva Chapman. 1906.
Alfred Stevens. 1907.
Austin Osman Spare. 1909.
Lovis Corinth. 1909.
Umberto Boccioni. 1910.
Antonio Mancini. 1912.
Egon Schiele. 1912.
Stanley Spencer. 1912.
Egon Schiele. 1914.
Stanley Spencer. 1914.
Nicolai Fechin. 1915.
George Grosz. 1916.
Josef Alberts. 1916.
Josef Albers. 1918.
George Bellows. Lithograph. 1921.
Kathe Kollwitz. 1924.
Helene Schjerfbeck. Circa 1926.
Alfred Leslie. 1927.
Edward Hopper. 1928.
Nora Heysen.
Diego Rivera. 1930.
Kathe Kollwitz. 1933.
Kathe Kollwitz. 1934.
Austin Osman Spare. 1935.
MC Escher. Hand with Reflecting Sphere. 1935.
Dorothea Tanning. 1936.
Henri Matisse. 1937.
Helene Schjerfbeck. 1937.
Pietro Annigoni. 1945.
Henri Matisse. 1945.
Self portrait drawing by John Marin. 1945.
Frida Kahlo. 1946. Self portrait with Tears and Hummingbird.
Antoni Tapies. 1946.
Dorothea Tanning. 1947.
Ivan Albright. Lithograph. 1947.
Leon Golub. 1950.
Frank Auerbach. 1958.
Philip Evergood. 1962.
Alberto Giacometti. 1965.
Leon Kossoff. 1967.
Elaine de Kooning. 1968.
Adrian Piper. 1981.
Odd Nerdrum. 1983.
Cai Guo-Qiang. A subjugated soul (self portrait). 1989.
Louise Bourgeois. 1990.
Kiki Smith. 1994. Photogravure, etching and drypoint on paper.
Lucian Freud. 1996.
William Kentridge. 1998.
Susan Hauptman. 2000.
Frank Auerbach. 2001.
Anne Harris. 2007.
Susan Hauptman. Self portrait with charms. 2008.
Ann Gale. 2008.
Jim Dine. 2008.

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