Drawing Quotes

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Drawing Quotes

"In drawing, one must look for or suspect that there is more than is casually seen." -George Bridgman

"Drawing is vision on paper." -Andrew Loomis

"How you draw is a reflection of how you feel about the world. You're not capturing it, you're interpreting it." -Juliette Aristides

"The ability to draw depends on one's ability to see the way an artist sees." -Betty Edwards

"Drawing is the artist's most direct and spontaneous expression. A species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality." -Edgar Degas

"The painter draws with his eyes, not with his hands." -Maurice Grosser

"Originality depends only on the character of the drawing and the vision peculiar to each artist." -Georges Seurat

"I love the quality of pencil. It helps me to get to the core of a thing." -Andrew Wyeth

"Drawing used to be a civilized thing to do, like reading and writing. It was taught in elementary schools. It was democratic. It was a boon to happiness." -Michael Kimmelman

"Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation." -Henri Cartier-Bresson

"Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see - to see correctly - and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye." -Kimon Nicolaides

"I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle." -Frederick Franck

"All the visible world is only light on form." -Andrew Loomis

"Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see." -Edgar Degas

"One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil." -Balthus

"Drawing takes time. A line has time in it." -David Hockney

"It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover, to your surprise, that you have rendered something in its true character." -Camille Pissarro

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." -Pablo Picasso

"Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make." -David Hockney

"An artist must have his measuring tools not in the hand, but in the eye." -Michelangelo Buonarroti

"At its essence, art is an alchemical process. Alchemy is a process of transformation." -Julia Cameron

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